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Fire Flower Tattoo Studio

Story of Fire Flower

"Fire Flower is my career long passion project.

A decade of tattooing in Rochester has earned me a wonderful clientele. I respect them and I'm appreciative of everything they have helped me earn. They are wonderful people, and have been a great source of inspiration. The appreciation I have for my clients' time continues to grow. Unfortunately, the difficulty I face trying to balance creativity and productivity grows as well. 

I’ve come to realize that I cannot balance these things working in a bustling tattoo shop. But, I realized I could open a private studio and allow my clients the time and space to realize their artistic vision. In 2022 I began work on that idea. I wanted my studio to be a place where my clients could feel comfortable, safe and welcomed. Come January 2023 my hard work will have paid off, and Fire Flower Tattoo Studio will open. I'm so excited to share this space with everyone, and I look forward to seeing what's to come!"

-Darbi "Marbles" Conradt

Fire Flower is a private studio, meaning that we work by appointment only. Having total control over our days allows us complete focus on our clients. We don't have to juggle walk-ins, phone calls, and unexpected visitors. The space is small and so is the staff. ​Having a small staff reduces the chances for miscommunications. It also allows artists to have greater individual responsibility for their space and their clients. There is no receptionist because we want you to be able to directly access your artist. Each artist has their own contact information, and handles their own scheduling.

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