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Darbi "Marbles" Conradt

Owner and Artist

Owner and Artist
“Hi! My name is Darbi Conradt though I often go by Marbles. I love creating art and exploring new mediums. I'm almost always drawing something for family and friends, and looking for new ways to grow as an artist. It's this drive to improve that shapes my life and career. In 2012 I started my journey in tattooing as an apprentice at Extreme Graphix. Five years later, I left to continue learning and working at Mellow Madness. It was there I developed my style, bright, colorful and cartoony. Another 5 years later, I moved on from Mellow to create my own space. I wanted to focus on developing my unique style and create a fun and free environment that I try to personify in my art. In January of 2023, I opened the doors to Fire Flower Tattoo Studio. I look forward to sharing this space with everyone, and I can't wait to create some beautiful art!"

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